Alternatives of Children’s Attractions in Bandung that Can Be Visited

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To answer the confusion in selecting Bandung attractions that are acceptable for your little one, we’ve outlined five children’s attractions in Bandung which could be a benchmark for holidays with family.
The following are tourist recommendations that are acceptable for kids and families.
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  1. Natural Window
    Jendela Alam is among the educational attractions for Bandung kids which you must visit. This is a learning stadium that has a car for outbound and recreation for kids and adults.
    This place is acceptable for kids and adults to get at know character. We will be encouraged to do farming and livestock activities.
    Like farming, gardening, learning to milk cows, feeding ternah animals, and much more. This is sure to be very enjoyable for kids, they can learn in a fun way.
  2. Dago Pojok Creative Village
    Should you would like to teach kids about artistic value, this place is very suggested to visit. At first, Dago Pojok is a community that offers free schools for underprivileged kids.
    The focus of the activities is art lessons. Nevertheless, with time many individuals visited this place to participate in this art action.
    When entering the Dago Village area, we’ll be greeted with murals with striking colours in each dinging. We will also get little women learning boys and dance are practicing pencak silat.
    Within this completely free tourist place there’s also special coaching for making puppets, making angklung, along with other handicrafts that are certainly very educational for kids.
  3. Ranca Upas
    There’s no harm in inviting them to get closer to nature. One of them is by visiting Ranca Upas.
    Attractions for tourist in Bandung kids are locations visited by kids and adults. Ranca Upas is based in the Ciwidey region that’s a conservation area for both deer and campsite conservation.
    Children will be encouraged to see the adorable deer behaviour and might also interact directly. We are also allowed to feed it with carrots which might be bought at the location.
    There are also outdoor activities which might be followed by kids and several types of water play activities. Adults may also indulge themselves by looking for the hot spring provided.